Code the bot to get the bits and avoid the bugs
Program the bot to collect the bits
Teams compete to solve ONE game
Teams compete to solve multiple games
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You can use an existing level or modify the level to create your own custom level. When you save it, you will be given a game ID. Share the ID with your friends so they register and compete. Select your level on the next screen.
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  1. One Above
  2. Box
  3. Three in a Column
  4. Square
  5. ZigZag
  6. ZigZag 2.0
  7. Above and Below
  8. Above and Below 2.0
  9. Three in a Row
  10. Letter L
  11. Two Near Corners
  12. Four Corners
  13. Full House
  14. Three on the Ends
  15. ZigZig Along Bug
  16. Two with Bug
  17. Cross-Hair
  18. L with a Tail
  19. Looks Random
  20. Cross
  21. Three Pockets
  22. Arrow Head
  23. Steps
  24. Sparse W
  25. Cup Above
  26. Controller
  27. 3 Bits Per Corner
  28. Vertical Barrier
  29. In a Room
  30. Spiral
  31. Wings
  32. Across the Top
  33. Hungry Alligator
  34. 3 and 3
  35. X
  36. Random 88



In this mode, you compete to solve puzzles. Solve as quickly as possible using the fewest lines of code. Get a Game ID from someone who has created a competition.  No registration is needed.


Save Game

Enter a name under 12 characters. Use only letters and numbers. After clicking Create, you will receive the name below with 4 digits appended to it. This is your game ID that you will share with the players.



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The purpose of the game is to program the bot to collect the green bits while avoiding the red bugs.
Choose a scenario (One Above, Box,...) on the main menu. The playing field will be displayed. Select the Code button to bring up the coding window. Then choose Commands to show the available commands.  Descriptions of the commands are below.

Tapping on a command will add it to the code window. Once a command is added to the code window, it can be indented by tapping on its left or right side. Tapping in the middle of the command will select or de-select it. Commands can be deleted by clicking the Delete button in the menu.

Commands that are to be executed when an if, else, while, or repeat statement is used should be indented.  See below for an example which makes the bot turn left if there is a bug in front of it; otherwise the bot will move.

Once the code is complete, press the Load button to load the scenario. Then press the Start button to execute the commands. If the bot collects all bits or hits a bug, the execution will end.

New commands are added after the command with the yellow border.  If you want to add a command before all of the commands, de-select all commands.

Your score is based on the number of bits you collect.  The first bit is worth 1 point, the second 2 points, the third 4 points, and so on.



Command Description
moveForward Moves the bot forward one position.
rotate... Turns the bot left or right relative to itself.
if... Checks if a statement is true. If so, indented commands below it are executed.
else Used to execute statement(s) when the if condition is false. Must be used with an if statement.
while... Keeps executing statement(s) while the condition is true.
repeat... Executes the statement(s) the specified number of times or until the condition is true.

Custom Scenario

Select the Custom button on the menu screen to design your own world. Click on the symbols at the bottom. Then click on a spot to add or delete the item.


Solutions for some of the problems follow. Several solutions for each are shown.

1. One Above

5. ZigZag

10. Letter L