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1 WD Overview of Web Design Lists Web Design topics
Introduction to the Internet
History of Internet, terminology - Internet, URL, ...
3 WD Steps for Building Sites Main steps for building web sites including tool comparison
4 WD Design and Layout Design issues and storyboarding
5 HTML Intro to HTML Summary of HTML and first page in Notepad
6 WD Uploading Demonstrates uploading through several approaches including ftp
7 HTML Formatting Text Tags for changing the appearance of text
8 HTML Intro to Tables <table>, <tr>, <td>, <th> and attributes (align, bgcolor, border, height, width)
9 HTML Additional Table Attributes colspan, rowspan, cellpadding, cellspacing
10 HTML Paragraph Tags & Special Chars <p>, <div>, <span>, <pre>, <br>, <hr>, &nbsp; &copy;, ...
11 HTML Lists <ol>, <ul>, <li>
12 HTML Linking <a href = "target.htm">Go to Target</a>
13 HTML Images, Background, and Color <img>, <body background = "bgimage.jpg">, RGB color values
14 WD Image Issues Image types, colors
15 HTML Forms and Form Elements <form>, <input>, <textarea>, <select>
16 HTML Processing Forms action, method
17 HTML Miscellaneous Meta, Animation, and Sound
18 CSS Introducing Style (CSS) Inline style and properties
19 CSS Advanced Style Internal, external, classes, and id's
20 JS Introduction to JavaScript Capabilities, Where it goes in page
21 JS Objects Objects, properties, methods, and events
22 JS HTML Objects Referring to HTML objects through code
23 JS Functions Defining and using functions
24 JS Variables Variables (var) - integer, float, boolean, string
25 JS Operators Operators (+, -, /, *, %, ++, --,...)
26 JS Functions 2 Passing in and returning values
27 JS Conditionals If..else
28 JS Boolean Operators AND (&&), OR (||), NOT(!)
29 JS Looping for and while loops
30 JS Arrays Arrays and array methods
31 JS Special Objects & Functions Math, String, and Date Objects, parseInt, isNaN, eval
32 JS Window Object Open, close, setInterval, setTimeout