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1. Experiment with the example above:

  1. Change the link colors.
  2. Change the links so that all pages open in a window called "newWin"
  3. This page is in a folder named webdesign. The webdesign folder is located in the same folder as the index page (index.htm) for bigbadbrain. Create a link to index.htm.
  4. A folder called western is in the same folder as webdesign. In the western folder is a page called post.htm. Create a link to post.htm.

2. Create a page to demonstrate links and file navigation.  First create three FOLDERS: parent, you, child. The you folder should be in the parent folder.  The child folder should be in the you folder.  Then create one html file in the parent folder, two html files in the you folder, and one html file in the child folder.  Add something to each page.  Keep the pages simple. The purpose of this exercise is to practice linking pages.  In one of the pages in the you folder add links to the other three pages. 

3. Create a page to demonstrate how you can link from one spot on the page to another spot.  Add some text to the bottom of the page. You may need to use a bunch of <br> tags to force the text to be at the bottom. Then create an anchor at this text and a hyperlink at the top of the page to the text.

4. Complete the Exercise here.  What code is used to make this link open in a new window?

5. Experiment with Web Design Tool.

  1. How can you add hyperlinks? Notice that several places provide options for adding them.
  2. Create an anchor on a page and then a link to the anchor from the top of the page.
  3. Add 3 hyperlinks to a page.
    1. One should be to another website.
    2. One should open in a new window.
    3. One should be to a page in your website.
  4. Where are link colors changed?
  5. How do you create an email link? Create one and check out the code.


Consider the following folder structure with files. The folders are yellow. Write the appropriate href attributes.