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In the following example, the media files are from Microsoft Windows.

Font: 8pt   12pt   20pt   24pt   Width: Min. 50%   75%   100%   


Your objective is to create a web site to demonstrate the features that we have learned so far.  Your web site can be about any topic,but it should have a common theme (don't just link a bunch of unrelated pages).  Your grade will be based on the following:
___ / 10:  It has at least four pages.  Each page should look consistent with each other.  The site should not appear as if you linked unrelated pages.
___ / 10:  It has a table of contents that appears on all pages.  The table of contents enables the user to link to any of the pages.  If there are any errors in linking, you will lose all 10 points.
___ / 10:  It has one "form" page that has input items for gathering information from the user.  The form does not have to actually submit the information anywhere.  Make sure that this page has at least six different input objects (textboxes, radio buttons, submit, reset,...).  Also make sure that the elements and their descriptors are aligned.
___ / 10:  It has a page that lists the tags that you have incorporated in your website.  You should check each of the lessons and list the tags that you have incorporated along with the lesson number.  You should use a list to list each lesson and then sublists under each list item to list the feature of that lesson that you have incorporated.  If you do not use lists, you will lose 5 points.
___ / 10:  A table is used to provide the overall layout of each page.
___ / 10:  It has at least one image.  Make sure that you set the attribute so that a description of the image appears when the user moves the mouse over the image.
___ / 10:  It follows guidelines for good coding practice.  You will lose all 10 points if you: (1) do not close tags which require closing, (2) use complete file paths for links and images, (3) do not properly nest tags, or (4) use incorrect tags. 
___ / 10:  It is attractive, uniform, and appealing.  You should use consistent color themes and fonts.  Pages should have the same layout.