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Window Object Contents        



METHOD DESCRIPTION Opens a new window
window.close() Closes a window
window.print() Prints a window
window.event... Event property ... many of them
window.setInterval() Starts timer
window.clearInterval() Turns off timer
window.setTimeout() Causes action to be performed within certain time

winName ="url", "name", "parameters")


Writing to a New Window




Font: 8pt   12pt   20pt   24pt   Width: Min. 50%   75%   100%   


1. Experiment with by changing the parameters.

2. Create a page with a button labelled print. When the user clicks print, the page should be printed using the print() method.

3. Create a page that sets the font size of a div to the x location of the mouse as the user moves the mouse.

4. Add code to a page that starts a count-down timer in seconds. The time should start at 10 and be decreased by 1 every second. The time should be displayed in the status bar. When the time reaches 0 the timer should be turned off and the background of the page turned to red.

5. Create a page with a simple animation. When the user clicks an image, the image should move across the page.

6. Create a slide show that loops through several images.